16 Ways to Promote Your New Podcast

Attempted and tested ways to market a podcast

Release a minimum of 3 episodes on launch day

Start off with a bang. By launching at least 3 episodes as part of your launch you give your listeners enough content to stimulate an interest. They get an opportunity to see your style, learn about you, and choose whether they wish to hear more. Releasing simply one episode is inadequate to get their attention, which indicates that you can be quickly forgotten.

Submit your podcast to podcatchers and aggregators

Podcatchers are apps that collect and play podcasts. There are numerous of them, so make a list and find the ones that are right for you. Here are 10 of the most popular ones:

Podcast subreddit
Podcast Republic
Bello Collective
Podcast Addict

Customize posts to each social media channel

What works for Twitter might not work for Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. For this reason, make certain to personalize posts for each channel. You can even employ someone to do this for you.

Don’t forget the back catalog

A back catalog plays a substantial role in helping you market your podcasts. For example, when you point out an interesting subject you formerly covered and add a quick aside (# 11), you make it much easier and much faster for your listeners to explore your previous work. This basic method can be incredibly reliable in motivate listeners to stay, but too getting mentions on other podcasts.

Discover partners to mention you

This is as easy as scratching your partners back, and in turn, they will scratch yours. In other words, once you discover partners to discuss you in their podcasts, similarly discuss them on your podcasts.

Take advantage of your visitor audience

Your listeners, specifically those who get the most value from your shows, can help to promote your podcasts. Discover your audience. What are their likes and dislikes. What is it about your podcasts they like. The much better you know your audience the easier it is to customize your episodes to accommodate their needs.

Optimize your podcast website for search

You are making a big error if you are forgetting to optimize your podcast website for search. This needs to be a top priority. When you optimize your podcast website you make it much easier for Google to crawl and rank. That implies you require to understand which keywords to rank for. Make the effort to investigate the ideal keywords. As well, don’t ignore the value of updating your content regularly.

Throw a two-week ranking party

Getting your podcast up in the charts on iTunes and into the “New & Noteworthy” area is really simple. Just concentrate on growing the rate at which your podcast is downloaded and evaluated positively in the very first few weeks.

Generally, you have 8 weeks after releasing your podcast to get the “New and Noteworthy” standing with the very first two weeks counting the most. Throwing a score party can go along way.

Here are some party-planning components that will make the first numbers of weeks count:

Email 10 pals per day
Throw a genuine celebration on launch day, either virtually by means of Facebook Live or in-person
Run free gifts
Swap the email signatures on your individual e-mail and on your group’s assistance emails
Publish two weeks of podcast-themed blog content
Get your business executives and colleagues to publish and tweet about it

Convert the audio to a YouTube video

Different Ways to Add Timestamp YouTube

It is very basic to do this. Just convert your MP3 audio file into an MP4 format and after that include a top quality image that appears for the video’s entire duration. Remember, to likewise consist of links to your website, show notes, social channels, and subscribe links to other listening platforms in the description.

Transcribe the audio

While it is o.k. to offer a complete transcript of your entire program, as a lot of effective podcasters do, we suggest you take out highlighted parts of the records and include them in the program notes.

Run a giveaway contest

We just discussed growing the rate at which your podcasts are downloaded on iTunes. One way to increase that rate is by luring your listeners to leave positive evaluations utilizing free giveaways such as, t-shirts, discount rates, stickers, etc. You can kick off this contest by mentioning it on the show or posting on social networks.

If you are on a tight budget and unable to give away totally free things, you can do the following:

A 5-minute guest spot on the podcast
Reference in the program notes
A shoutout at the end of the show

Be a guest on other people’s podcasts

Simply discover like-minded podcasters (ideally those in your specific niche) and make a guest appearance on their podcasts. In this manner, it will be easier to market your material, especially by leveraging your host’s audience.

Market on podcast apps

Are you currently on podcast apps such as, Listen Notes, Overcast, Castro, and so on? You can successfully enhance your program’s position by buying ad area. How those ads appear will depend upon the app you go for. Typically, a lot of apps show ads at the top of your category list, while in some cases they can appear in the “most popular” or “what is hot” categories.

Get media exposure with HARO

HARO, which stands for Help a Reporter Out, is a service that links reporters with reliable sources. When you join this platform as a source, media people will reach out to you when they require comments for articles, TV, or radio and when they have questions. In return, they will estimate you and link to your website.Start an email newsletter

It is very easy to send out newsletters to your followers when you gather their e-mail addresses. Apps like Thrive Leads, HelloBar, and OptinMonster come in useful assisting you gather as numerous addresses as possible from your website. When you have their e-mail make certain to get in touch with your fans frequently. The majority of email providers now also have newsletter design templates so you can create and send out directly from one software application.

Buy Google AdWords ads

Purchasing AdWords advertisements is relatively simple. Basically, you purchase ad space on Google for terms or keywords individuals search for. This can be your podcast’s primary topic or something more particular from a highlighted episode. Then if somebody is looking for that keyword they will see your ad showed. By clicking the advertisement they are taken directly to your website.

The two pillars of podcasting

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There are 2 pillars of podcasting: quality content and time.

Quality content

You can’t market a bad item and anticipate to get the results you want. No matter how much cash you have invested or the different marketing techniques you have tried promoting a bad product is not worth it. That stated, constantly develop quality podcasts. Make sure that you offer valuable content, be unique, and sticky (indicating to catch and maintain your listeners attention). So, think about how you will create valuable content that leaves your audience desiring more.


Your patience is paramount when promoting your podcasts. Even when you have actually purchased creating quality material, you require to trust that promoting requires time and growth mainly depends upon repeating. It’s an unlimited circle of creating quality material and then promoting it. In some cases you might need to wait up to 6 months to see real results. Do not give up!


It is never ever difficult to promote a podcast if you have a set of attempted and evaluated methods to execute. Ideally some of the strategies we have shared will prove to be precisely what you need to get your podcast soaring.

Happy podcasting!

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