20 Best Podcast Ideas to Increase Your Growth

1. Bring on the guests

Welcome friends, household, specialists, musicians, and so on to join your podcast. Get them involved in numerous activities that will amuse your audience. For instance, ask among your visitors to offer a lecture on a topic of interest. Or have them co-host an episode with you. The key here is to find creative ways to share the platform with your visitors. Do something various from the standard interview.

2. Recommendations

Have a list of things you want to suggest to your listeners? Share it with them! You can recommend things like tunes, books, tools, games, motion pictures, etc.

3. Focus on your sponsor

Find distinct methods to display your sponsor to your audience. What about designing a puzzle that includes your sponsor in some way? Or even performing an interview with the staff members who work for your sponsor?

4. Evaluations

Do you have a list of products, such as songs, occasions, or even films that are relevant to your podcast. If so, why not compose a review about them. Just consider any product or item that you understand actually well. Then develop a list of pro’s and con’s for it. Listeners love an excellent review.

5. Q & A

It is basic to do this! Just ask your listeners on social networks to send out in questions and randomly select a few to address on your podcast.

6. Present news

Search for existing news related to your podcast and talk about it. And why not consist of other amazing subjects even if they are not straight related to your podcast. As long as they matter in some way to your overarching topic it’s fine. Plus, this can broaden your reach.

7. Truth of the day

Naturally, individuals like listening to truths. So, if you have some realities or just recently found out something new why not share it with your audience.

8. Quote of the day

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A quote of the day is a fun section to include in your podcast. Take it a step even more by offering some context to it and your audience will enjoy it. Possibly tell them how you discovered the quote, why it’s essential to you, or perhaps share the story of how that quote entered into being (who wrote it).

9. Story of the day

Everyone like a great story. If you are stuck to concepts then why not try sharing an individual story with your listeners. It can be about anything. Speak about an essential relationship in your life, share something about food, money, life in general, or anything you think your audience might want to hear. Stories are typically the type of content that people want to show others. So, make it a good one.

10. Recommendations of the day

Do you have any suggestions, tools, resources, or anything else that would greatly help your listeners? Please share it!

11. Preparation podcast

A preparation podcast helps someone get ready for a specific event, such as a triathlon, a University entry test, and so on. Share suggestions, insights and other relevant info to assist that individual. What do they require to understand? How should they prepare their time? What is very important? Anything you can provide to somebody getting ready for an essential occasion will be much valued.

12. Requests

This one is simple! Have your listeners, family and friends send requests. This can be a subject they wish to hear you cover, or possibly something they desire you to teach them, or even your views on some trending news.

13. Learn a brand-new skill or hobby

Tape yourself finding out a brand-new ability or pastime and share the experience with your audience. Ensure it is something that will be simple for them to reproduce as well. Or perhaps something that may spark a brand-new passion for them.

14. Social media minute

Produce a special hashtag and share it on your podcast, social media posts and blog. Get your listeners associated with helping to get it trending. Inquire to share it on their social networks sites as well.

15. Spotlight

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A spotlight rather resembles a review except that it is based on factual information. Evaluations tend to be more opinion based. Attempt to come up with ideas that you can look into and include on your podcast. Consider movies, artists, locations or any topic that you can explore and speak about in depth.

16. Top 10 lists

No doubt, individuals like lists! It can be a list of films, foods, songs, or really anything that interests you. There are no restrictions when it pertains to lists. Be creative and come up with as many incredible lists as possible.

17. Funny podcast

This may not be for everyone, but if jokes and comedy suits your wheelhouse then certainly give it a try. A podcast that consists of jokes and humor is an outstanding way to captivate your audience. You can integrate funny stories, kids’s humor, traditional jokes, and anything else that falls within this spectrum. The secret here is to have them rolling over with laugher.

18. Newspaper review

We are not suggesting that you review a whole paper, however rather an article or excerpt from one edition. Possibly there is an unique formula they are utilizing to produce their headings, gorgeous imagery, or even an article that gets your attention. Talk about why it stood apart for you. What makes it important.

19. Technology, food, animals …

There are things you like or hate for a particular reason. It could be a specific food, your family pet, or technology, etc. Make a list and outline your likes or dislikes. Give examples. Share stories. Your fans will be eager to hear your thoughts. They might concur or disagree.

20. Crafting and DIY

There is so much you can speak about when it comes to crafts and DIY. The popularity of these types of podcast has been growing greatly. The terrific thing is that you can go in a number of instructions with DIY. Try to come up with concepts that will be easy for your audience to replicate. You can even consist of a downloadable guide, which will assist to develop your subscription list.

How to select a good podcast subject

Selecting the right podcast subjects can directly effect on the success of your program. That is why it is so crucial to come up with the best ideas. Here are some tips you might want to consider when picking your subject:

Discuss topics you take pleasure in

There’s absolutely nothing even worse than selecting a subject that you have definitely no interest in. Do not even trouble squandering your time. Rather compose a list of your favorite subjects. What topics do you find you naturally discuss with loved ones. When you are passionate about something it ends up being really simple to talk about it for the long haul.

Play to your strengths

Are you acquainted with what you are speaking about? It is a lot easier to tape engaging podcasts when speaking about something you have extensive understanding about. Otherwise, you may end up making unnecessary stops when tape-recording, which is not good. So, stay with what you understand!

Discover your specific niche

Attracting a smaller group makes it a lot easier for you to stand apart quickly. Instead of attempting to engage a big group with a generic podcast. So, if you are aiming to build a faithful audience within a brief duration, narrow down to particular niche topics.

Select seasonal subjects carefully

Including a couple of sectors that are not directly related to your subject is o.k. It ought to not end up being the standard, but can break up the routine circulation of the podcast. This is particularly useful if you feel that you seem to be discussing the very same topic over and over again. Seasonal subjects can enliven your podcast. Attempt reporting on occasions, trending news, or anything current that is getting mass appeal. Do not hesitate to include different concepts and see how they work.

Wrapping up

Prepared to start including new sections in your podcast? We’ve offered you a variety of various alternatives to test. Attempt including some into your next program. Modify them as needed.

Delighted podcasting! And don’t forget to transcribe your podcasts utilizing Designrr’s podcast transcription software.

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