7 Tactics Secrets for Email List Building You need to know

Do you want to learn about various tactics of list building that will change the way of how you form your email list?

Concerned? Starving? Hold on. You are going to change your email list building.

Before going to know about the tactics for the email list building, let’s talk about the reason behind building the Email list. The backstory of the email list building will help you find out the importance of email list building, which is part of the marketing strategy.

Is Building the Email List works?

This is an important question that you require asking from yourself when you try to plan a strategy for changing the status of your current Email list.

Now a day, all marketers work on building an email list because it benefits them. You can get a 40x return by spending a few dollars.

People also do not know that 90% of people in the B2B division deploy email marketing to control buying decisions.

Email marketing has become a significant part of the marketing strategy for many businesses. E-marketing connects clients once attached with other options of marketing like web tracking, influencer marketing, social media, etc.

This reveals why marketers adopt different ways to grow their email list in the digital space.

Email list building is challenging. Some find it tortuous, but even with its immense challenges, it turns out as a worthwhile investment.

A common problem

Building the email list with best practices helps to grow businesses. It provides hope for both business owners and marketers. You get results.

The issue with the existing Email list building approach is that you reach a certain threshold and can’t proceed further. Irrespective of the fact that how much success it gains for business Your Email list building can stunt at once. Now you can’t add new clients to it.

In this phase, you need to use multiple list building techniques that comply with your strategy. You can try to mix it up to trigger an upward position again.

These tactics of list building assist the email marketers and others who link with email marketing. They need to rearrange the eternal loop in which they trap. There is a need to do different things, to grab more people and convert them to loyal customers.

It is the reason for which we form this kit of list building for you. It contains everything which you need to become an expert in list building.

Effect of the Subscription Forms on Email List Building

Various subscription forms can help you in the Email list building. Different Pop-ups highlighting are the primary focus of it. You can see some of these pop-ups on our website.

How does it work?

The collection includes:

  1. The red carpet (which is not red)
  2. Exit-intent
  3. Shoot when the target lock-on
  4. Slow & Steady
  5. Keep hooks out
  6. A hard-to decline gift
  7. A perfect audience
  8. The red carpet

Some digital nomads and bloggers often deploy it.

Use a pop-up to roll out a red carpet to interrupt the actions of visitors over your website.

When a visitor opens your website and after some time a big pop-up appears on the screen.

Many sites set on these pop-ups and some actions need to use for getting out of them. A visitor can come out of the pop-up by clicking the “X” sign that appears at the right top corner or by moving the cursor out of the pop-up.


It’s difficult to ignore


Have a high conversion level


Many argued that this is an intrusive tactic for building the links. However, it affects the visitor on long runs.

Aye, or else, nay?

The red carpet seems to be helpful. Many sources wrote about its impact on businesses. According to that it is an effective tactic and gives a boost to conversion rate irrespective of an intrusion factor.

  1. Exit-intent (who can be e real winner)

Pop-ups of exit-intent used more than compared to others. Yet, we use these in only those niches where the attention span remains low.

Do you want to know about an exit-intent pop-up?

This pop-up must design by keeping in mind those visitors who have less patience. They work in the same way as does the red carpet. But these works better for those visitors who remain impatient.

The pop-up of the red carpet does not pay off when talking about an increase in the rate of visitors. It has also become difficult for you if you have a tight budget.

Against it, the exit intent pop-up proves to be more reliable that marketers used to engage the potential customers. So,  it has become a better choice.

Any marketing strategy may use these tactics and also those who picked it from a handbook of email marketing.

You can become successful if you know your customers, how you may help them. You just need to put your services and products before them and ensure your presence on all well- known social media networks.

Visitors can not come to your site. Do upfront work for it. All you have to do is to provide a firm presence. You can achieve a higher level by utilizing various marketing techniques and involving potential customers on social media.

Your website visitors may check out your content and purchase if it’s convincing. Otherwise, they will click out of your site and come to their email box.

Grab the visitor before going to exit is a traumatic period as if you get failed, then all things end with a spam block.

However, you may change all these failures into success by using an effective marketing innovation strategy like an exit-intent pop-up. They can help your visitors to handle their emails so that we can use them again for some re-targeting purposes.

With the help of exit intent, you can make improvements in your funneling tactics. Frankly speaking, once it left, then the lead development process starts.

You need to break the process of lead generation into different phases as these start with the end of exit intent. When you structure the workflow activities in this way, then the registered users will follow the email order. Through which, they will get emails at regular intervals.

In this way, Potential clients can get information about your products or services in small chunks. You must not use to flooding them with too much information at once because, in this way, they leave you. CTA (Call to Action) is also an effective tool that provides not a forceful but inviting gesture.

You should ensure a personalized email outreach to engage them against their involvement level.

One option is to have a mini discussion for a subscription. The basic intent here is to engage them again so they can take action on your next offer. It’s like a bait & hook type.

Send them various emails and invite them to take action by highlighting deadlines with markers for limited discount offers.

Your discount offer must include an expiry date; otherwise, it loses its potential to grab clients towards it. This will slow down the sense of urgency that can create through a discount offer.

Tip: pop-ups of exit-intent capture the visitors who got away. You should consider the top use of Sumo or OptinMonster for these pop-up tools.

  1. Shoot when the target lock-on

This Pop-up is appropriate for lengthy blogs and pages.

When a visitor scrolls down a page or blog post then at a certain place this pop-up appeared. The proper place to insert this pop-up is the point where the intermission of the article starts or the post going to turn towards an interesting part.

This pop-up targets the reader at such points where they are immersed in the content.

This works on a logic that the visitor can only access the remaining article after giving his/her email address.

The time of the pop-up is set in a way that it appears right at the endnote of content.

It helps in generating new subscribers by encouraging them to provide updates regarding similar content. This can do by entering their email addresses in the space given to the pop-up field.

Consider, this visitor group has great importance for you. Dedicate a specialized list of emails for them because they are the visitors who are most likely turned to be your new or potential customers.

The visitors, who go beyond a certain length of your content while searching, find information on your site worth it or they find the information most relevant for what it makes your website for.

You should not miss the chance to add these visitors to your mail list.

Make your pop-up customize so they offer updates according to their interest.

You can design a distinct landing page relevant to their subject for such visitors and can include their email addresses in a distinct mail list. In this way, you can provide them more relevant information in small pieces.

Additional Advantages:

You can also know about the productivity of this pop-up through the time factor. If a visitor spends more time on a page, then this can be a sign of reader engagement on your site. Plus, if they open any new tab from your page, then it approves that your pop-up works.

Tip: identify your clients and leverage a sumo mail building list pop-up to include them in the dedicated list.

  1. Slow & Steady

Well-suited with long blog posts, lengthy landing pages, and any other content.

There are some places where you have to wait for the right time. The wrong solicitation of time can become costly. If you do it right, then your offers become a welcome surprise. It turns out to be a win-win condition where you get an email address and they get an offer.

These subscriptions regard to get from a calculated pop-up request that works by using the time variable.

The key point is: what time is appropriate to show a pop-up to your site of the page?

You identify it by understanding your target audience that happens through communicating and engaging them.

The starting point is very challenging as you are going to deal with people whom you do not know. You can know about your audience. In the beginning, you need not identify the exact time to show a pop-up because as a beginner it appears after a visitor spends some time on site. After that, you can use various time slots by which you can know about the exact place where it goes highest.

Microsoft made a research to inform that why visitors leave the page. According to that, the duration of visitors on a page decides at which point they exit the page or not.

This tells that pop-ups must not display after the user enters a website. It is better to give them some time to get acquainted with your offers, your content, your site navigations, etc. In short, you just need to give visitors enough time to trust you and give you their email address when the pop-up appears.

Another way to know about the proper time for your pop-up appearance is to use a simple metric. Open your analytics and see an average time that each visitor spends on your site. Once you get to know about the exact time, then you can set your pop-up just a few minutes before that time.

Tip: it is important to let your users engage in your content before asking them for their email address. Otherwise, if you force them for that, then they may leave your page or results in the form of a big bounce rate. If you give more time to them, then more trust will build between you and it became easier for you to access their mail address.

  1. Keep hooks out

It works for all businesses, yet more productive for e-stories and blogs.

In this technique, you put a hello bar on your website or page. You may add it to your home page or any other page where you think it appropriate or bring attention to a particular offer. We add these bars either at the bottom or at the top of the page. These works to get the attention of your visitors.

These are colorful and contain a call to action (CTA) note. This text is tiny but effective enough to grab the visitor’s’ attention. Similar to other pop-ups, its aim is also to take benefit from your offer.

Through this catchy technique, your visitors convince to submit their email addresses to you. Sometimes these hello bars are used for some other purposes. You may send your visitor to another landing page or blog post by using this bar.


The hello bars prove less disruptive for visitors than the pop-ups, but their results are not so different from each other.

Hello, bars give you a chance to analyze its impact on your visitors. You can make adjustments according to their responses. For example, the color alterations’ impact can assess by using different options. You can see which color improves the number and makes changes and also identify which one line CTA is more effective.

You can choose where the hello bar needs to appear on the page or other landing pages. You can also make modifications to the hello bar according to visitors’ preferences and style.

So, hello bars prove too effective, but you need not add multiple bars at once. It can make confusion and turn back to your visitors. Remember to use the bar effectively while analyzing all aspects.

Tip: Want a hello bar for your list building? Then click here.

  1. A hard-to-decline gift

Well-suited with e-stories, blogs, local business sites, and anyone that looks to get out their content from there.

Many times the pop-ups, hello bars do not work enough for a business, then what should you do? The answer to this question may be a floating box.

It compares floating boxes with a trustworthy accomplice. They are efficient and effective. The offer includes a gift that turns into many conversions.

The floating boxes are named so because they are used to changing the visitors’ actions. It improves their likeliness of providing their email address. It also turned the visitors into paid customers, as a floating box gives them a chance to decide before acting.

We can use the floating box for any kind of niche and it becomes a perfect match to any content, page, or site.

Tip: do you want an edge against your rivals? The floating box is a good idea to achieve this goal. Try different options that can best convert your niche.

  1. The perfect audience

Well-matched with businesses, that showed long content. Perfect for blogs.

If your site filled with content? Then an online subscription form is the best option for you.

Get benefit from this chance to target your engaged visitors with it. Provide them with free updates when they subscribe. Once they come on your email list, then offer them and convert them into loyal customers.

For example, take a blog as your example. You recognize to create lengthy content that is engaging and value-pack. You can offer your visitors a lead magnet created with your Designrr software. You can say that you know your readers are very energetic and enthusiastic about learning, so you aim to offer them what they want and need.

Inline forms prove effective as they do not disrupt the article flow without being distracting. Readers cannot go through the article without pay attention to your offer. It means more eyes over your forms than other pop-ups.

Inline forms give more boost to your list when talking about the subscription through it. It proves to be more effective as pushes more visitors into the purchasing phase.

Tip: You must reward readers who read your content. Get them to ensure to show your appreciation by providing them magnificent offers.


We suggest you many tools from pop-ups to an inline form, you just need to best observe your audience. You consider that many others are also doing the same things, yet do the same things, but differently. Find out how your audience responds to a particular time and then make a strategy according to it.

It is significant to pay attention to the pop-up offers instead of the email list building. You can understand your audience by providing them what they need as an offer, and they will benefit you by becoming your loyal customers.

It’s good to make different placement when testing along with playing with different text, images, and colors. These variables can get you at your desired goals.

Remember, as time changes the efficacy of techniques and tools also changes. So you need to keep yourself all time updated.


 Is Cold Emailing Prohibited?

Cold Emailing legislated under CAN-SPAM rule yet, you can regard it to prohibit under illegal law.

Either cold calling is effective or emailing?

Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but the phone calls prove to be more effective than email.

Why do pop-ups annoy people?

Pop-up disrupt visitors and they itself are very annoying. They distract visitors in the middle of their search when they are trying to learn something deeply. You need to fix flood such points where visitors do not get distracted from content and also respond to pop-ups.

Are pop-ups work?

Yes, they can increase your subscription rate if place in proper points. They have high rates of clicks than any other marketing tool.

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