Book Review: Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan

Sex and Vanity Book Summary

When Lucie Tang Churchill fulfills George Zao at an extravagant wedding event in Capri, she can’t stand him. She can’t stand that he gallantly uses to trade hotel spaces with her so she can have a sea view, that he understands more about the island than she does, and worst of all, that he kisses her in the darkness of the ancient ruins.

What would her Mayflower-descended, Wall Street-wealthy household think about him? However years later on, when Lucie is weekending with her fiancé in East Hampton, George suddenly appears and Lucie must chooseРdoes she follow her head or her heart?

A gloriously decadent tribute to A Space with a View, Sex and Vanity is a flashing contemporary romance and a remarkably amusing comedy of good manners set in between 2 cultures.

Sex and Vanity Book Evaluation

Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan is a modern-day retelling of EM Forster’s A Space With A View. Set in between Capri and New York City, it follows the story of Lucie Churchill, a half Asian, half American girl who goes to the wedding event of her good friend on the island of Capri.

There, she satisfies George Zao, a kid she in some way winds up succumbing to in spite of at first disliking whatever about him. They are captured in a jeopardizing circumstance and part methods suddenly, just to reunite numerous years later on in New york city.

Lucie is now engaged to the most qualified bachelor in the city however something still draws her to George.

This description of this book makes it seem like an enjoyable love book, however the main duo, Lucie and George, really do not invest a lot of time together in this book.

This is far more of a funny and social satire than it is a love, however it is an enjoyable and satisfying read however.

Kevin Kwan’s observations on the white and Asian elite that live in New york city’s a lot of special house blocks are peppered with asterisks discussing the significance of specific schools, occasions, public figures and more. He definitely composes like somebody who comprehends this world effectively.

Like Crazy Rich Asians, the plot is favorably ludicrous and the characters are unreasonable. You can assist however snigger at a few of the OTT descriptions of characters that probably do exist in these circles.

I believe this book is made even more ridiculous by the truth it is based upon an old classic and particular occasions needed to be by force adjusted for the contemporary world.

I certainly discovered some parts towards completion were much more implausible than I ‘d get out of a book like this however I expect it’s all part of the enjoyable and drama.

I was shocked to discover some conversation about bigotry in this book, with many circumstances that I, as a half Asian, half English female, can definitely see taking place in reality.

My only criticism of these parts is that absolutely nothing actually came of them– nobody ever spoke up versus the figures who made these remarks or explained that their words were not okay.

However possibly in this world of incorrect smiles and pretences, silence is the most likely reaction.

All in all, I took pleasure in Sex and Vanity however feel I was a little missold on the kind of story it would be. It is not rather as great as Crazy Rich Asians however definitely has comparable styles, characters and unreasonable shenanigans. If you are a fan of Kevin Kwan then this would make an excellent summertime beach read.

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