How Do You Structure an eBook

We have seen lots of bloggers developing eBooks that are very effective, while others appears to get it all wrong. In doing so they struggle to make money even after investing a lot of time developing their eBooks. What are the successful blog writers doing differently? Do they know something that others don’t? Or is there just a well planned method or formula to developing winning eBooks?

In this article, we tell you what you require to understand in order to develop an appealing eBook. We explain the proper way to structure your ebook so that it speaks straight to your readers. Without further ado, let’s dive much deeper.

What is an eBook?

An electronic book, typically referred to as an eBook, is a publication that you can keep reading digital gadgets such as smart devices, tablets or computer systems. Typically, they are packaged as PDF documents so they can be sent out from one person to another. They can likewise be converted into other formats, such as Mobi, ePub and Kobi.

Benefit! There is no perfect length of an eBook. It all depends upon your audience and subject. Generally, as long as it exhaustively covers the selected topic and efficiently informs your readers, there is no need to worry about the length. If you can produce one fairly rapidly that covers the information required the better off you are.

Know what to say

An eBook can be about anything. You are not limited to what you can discuss. So, pick your favorite subjects and do your finest to provide the info in a way that your readers will understand and appreciate. If you know your readers well, writing a terrific eBook needs to be a breeze. We suggest, if possible to learn about your readers before starting.

Adding something extra like a video or totally free offer is an outstanding way to make your readers feel like you have actually exceeded their expectations. And honestly, if you do that they will anticipate subsequent eBooks

How is an eBook structured?

While there is nobody set rule for organizing your content generally eBooks mimic the structure of books or novels. There are some aspects of an eBook you must adhere to. That is, you need to consist of chapters, images, and section your eBook by including relevant headings and subheadings.

  • Ways to structure your eBooks.
  • Here are 8 ways to structure your eBook:
  • Introduction, key points, conclusion

This approach is really simple and one that numerous blog writers enjoy. Your start with an intro that highlights what the whole eBook is everything about, then consist of chapters that are made up of crucial info and images, and a conclusion that wraps up everything.

Having an overview makes it simpler to come up with an engaging eBook that is well structured. Constantly make sure your overview is all set prior to getting began.

The 4MAT Model

We have actually not tried this approach ourselves, but it is one that is very common among instructors and coaches. It is based upon how we learn and indicates that four essential modes need to be covered in the sequence:

Why = inspiration: Why should I be intrigued in this? What is the problem that needs to be solved?

What = broad option: What is the universal solution to this concern?

How = specific solution: What are the steps or information I require to take to unwind this?

What Else = resources: What extra details is available about this subject?

See the example below:

Why: This is important as it supplies the skeleton on which to construct your concept and uses a clear pathway for your reader to comprehend the details.

What: It is a decision on how to format what you are writing. In this article, we share 8 methods to structure your ebook.

How: The 8 ways for structuring your content.

What Else: The video is an example of how to go learn more from the content.


Use this method if you are teaching your audience how to do something. The best way to structure this is through a sequence of actions or ideas. Ask yourself the following:

What do I require to do?


After that?

And, what’s the last thing I need to do?


As the name suggests, this approach includes noting your content alphabetically. If you choose to use this method, we advise that you put keywords into an alphabetical sequence in the index. That way, it will be much easier for the reader to discover specific material.


This technique comes in useful when you have a list of products that can be checked out as independent pieces or that don’t fit nicely together. “ten methods to make money offering free eBooks.”

Loose groups

Loose groups are one step further from the previous random technique. For instance, “100 methods to make money online”. In this example, each method to earn money can be evaluated as an independent approach not connected or connected to another product.


Are you writing about a subject or event that is related to a particular time line? For example, about your college experience and how things altered for you from the first year to graduation.

Novice, intermediate, expert

Are you producing an eBook that is based upon concerns and answers targeted to a particular group? If so, it makes sense to organize your material in regards to proficiency levels. Are your readers brand-new to the material or do they already have a great deal of understanding? Know your audience and craft your content appropriately from beginner to specialist. By doing this, you make it much easier for your readers to find out and advance their skills through your eBooks.

How to produce an eBook

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We have actually seen different ways to structure your eBook, now let’s take a look at what you require to do to create a good one:

Select the right topic

What message do you want to get across? Who are you composing for? Newbies, intermediates, or professionals? Understanding the sort of message you wish to deal with makes it easier to come up with a compelling subject. A good topic is one that both brings in prospective readers and also motivates them to take further action.

Below are a couple of ideas to get you started:

A product guide
A broadened version of existing blog site short article
A case study based upon a customer story
Content around industry studies and data
An intro to your market
A response guide to FAQs
An interview with an industry expert

Write a compelling title

An engaging title highlights the topic and resonates with your target market. It needs to also consist of some advantages and catch the attention of online search engine. Think about placing a few target keywords in your title.

Bonus offer! Often, it is o.k. to include a subtitle to clarify and expand on what your ebook is everything about.

Do the following to make your title more memorable and appealing:

Use numbers to add credibility
Ask a question that your readers typically ask
Consist of catchy and uncommon words
Use psychological adjectives to demonstrate how clients may feel now or how they will feel after reading
Inform readers what they can accomplish, such as “Lose 15 pounds in one week”
Mention your readers in the title, for example consist of the words “tenant”, “homeowner”, or “entrepreneur”
Use the 5Ws “who, what, when, where, why” and “how” questions to your topic

Create an outline

Earlier, we discussed why you require an overview. It helps to ensure that you cover everything that is needed and provides your eBook a structure that is simpler to check out and follow. A summary can help you to efficiently get your message throughout. Keep in mind, to consist of images that incorporate well to the material. This helps to increase the understanding of the info.

Get composing

With your summary finished, you can now start writing your eBook. Make certain to utilize the best language and tone that speaks directly to your readers. Format the material so it is simple to follow. And remember how you create your very first eBook will considerably affect whether your readers will return for more.

Do not forget to enhance your eBook for lead generation. If you are unsure how to properly do this then employ someone to finish this task for you. It’s important to get it. Thankfully, today it is fairly simple to discover freelance writers who do this sort of work.

Make it look appealing

As soon as you have actually finished composing your eBook the next step is to tailor it. Here we deal with the look, which eventually is what gets the attention of possible readers. Try a few of these tips to make your eBook more attracting and appealing:

Add your logo for branding purposes to the cover of your eBook
Include your contact details on the last page and your company name in the footers
Separate text with data and big font style prices quote to support the topic
Use bolded text to highlight crucial expressions and points
Add colors for contrast and shapes to increase visual interest of key information
Usage short, easy to check out sentences
Insert headings, graphics and images to separate text and make your topics simpler to understand
Customize your color scheme to match your brand name colors
Use the exact same font style combination for the main headings, subheadings and body
Include a Table of Contents to make it easier for readers to find various sections

Promote it

Aiming to draw in lots of readers to your eBook? If so, then you require to have a reliable promotional technique. Fortunately, it’s fairly simple to develop one. You can promote your eBook on your blog site or other platforms, such as Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and so on. As well, don’t forget your customers. Send them an e-mail letting them learn about your brand-new eBook.

Taking It Even more

Besides giving your readers important material an eBook is also an outstanding marketing tool. It helps you drive traffic, increase sales and develop your authority. Now picture what numerous eBooks could do for you! That is why you should include eBook creation as part of your content marketing method.

Ebook production tools

When you have finished your eBook you require to transform it to an easy to check out format. Many bloggers transform their eBooks to PDF. Microsoft Word, here are some of the finest tools to produce an eBook:

Apple Pages

How much cash can you make from composing an eBook?

Obviously, there is no guarantee that your eBook will make you a great deal of cash. In fact, from the present 200,000 authors selling ebooks on Amazon just 5,000 of them, which is less than 3% are making $10,000 yearly. That is a clear indication that most authors will never ever make significantly from their eBooks.

But this does not imply that you shouldn’t create eBooks. If you can keep your investment low, even when sales are modest, you will still make some revenue. You can likewise employ a freelance writer for an affordable rate so that you can devote your time to other jobs that help to grow your company.

Just keep in mind, if you keep your readers pleased and regularly offer quality content, your eBooks will begin to offer.

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