How to Compose an eBook in 2021: Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

Have you been thinking about producing an eBook however postponing it since it’s lengthy?

Do you want to know how to compose an eBook from scratch? If you said yes, this post is a reward for you.

If you’re a blogger, affiliate online marketer or an SEO professional, eBooks are fantastic to grow your traffic and sales.

If you’re looking for a step by step tutorial on launching your first eBook (or the next one), this comprehensive guide is solely for you.

In this guide, you’ll find;

Why you ought to write an eBook

How we created our first ever paid eBook
Step by step tutorial on writing your own eBook from scratch
And much more
So are you curious to discover more details? Let’s start.

Why ought to you create an eBook: 4 most significant benefits

Creating an epic eBook requires time and money, right? So why should you develop an eBook?

Here are some of the huge reasons to compose an eBook.

1. Specialist Positioning: People don’t buy from complete strangers, particularly online. You need to position yourself as a specialist in your niche. That’s when your sales grow. eBooks are excellent for positioning yourself as an idea leader in your industry.

2. Providing Help: You’ll have the ability to help hundreds (if not thousands) of people with your eBooks. If you’ve knowledge on particular subjects, you need to teach others what you know. eBooks can be useful for assisting your target market.

3. Income generator: eBooks can be utilized as a passive earnings source. There are a ton of individuals who are making thousands of dollars each month by selling eBooks. So if you’re someone who is looking to make passive earnings, you need to absolutely create and offer eBooks.

4. Constructing an Audience: Want to construct a loyal audience around your blog? Create helpful eBooks. Not only you will be able to provide eBooks as freebies to construct and grow your email lists but you can also offer them as giveaways to rapidly grow your blog following.

Yes, there is a limitless variety of chances available when you create useful eBooks. Simply make sure to produce eBooks that actually include worth to your target audience.

All in all, eBooks can assist you improve your brand name, boost your website sales, construct and grow an audience.

5 Steps to Create an eBook That Everyone Wants

Action 1: Come up with your eBook subject

” You have to create a lot of concepts to be successful,”– Stephen Key

The FIRST action to producing an eBook is to come up with a topic.

Quick pointer: Don’t cover a lot of topics. Select just ONE subject and create an eBook around it. It works like a beauty and it also helps you reach a specific audience in your specific niche.

Here’s how to find the RIGHT eBook idea in 3 actions:

Who do you care about?
What issues do they have?
How would you like to help?
Here’s how we utilized the above method to come up with our very first paid eBook idea on keyword research.

Who do you appreciate? SEO
What issues do they have? The majority of our audience are struggling to discover much better keywords
How would you like to help? By offering them useful advice and tutorials on keyword research
You can also utilize the above approach to quickly create a strong concept for your eBook.

Here are a few more solid ways to come up with eBook subject ideas.

Define your target market

If you wish to produce and sell an eBook, you must know your target audience. Specifying your target market implies understanding who they are and what works for them.

It helps you quickly comprehend what your audience desires and what inspires them to act (such as buying your eBook).

Know your abilities. Know what you’re really passionate about. Know your target market.

Find out their issues, desires and needs.

Here are a few concerns that can assist you specify your target market.

What is the age bracket of your audience? (you can use tools like Google analytics or some quick studies using your e-mail lists or FB groups).
Where do they work and live?
What is their level of education?
What earnings bracket do they fall under?
What nation are you targeting?
What problems do they have? (related to your niche).
When you’re made with it, you’ll understand what subjects you can concentrate on. Then, you can quickly utilize Google search to come up with topic concepts for your eBook production.

Simply utilize search strings as; “ebooks on + [subject] and Google autosuggest will do the rest.

Simply make sure to search a list of all the eBooks or links that you find on Google search.

That’s it, you’ll have a lots of eBook ideas within a couple of minutes.

Quick note: We already know who our target market are. We have enough information from numerous sources like email lists, social networks, Google Analytics etc. So it became much easier to come up with an eBook subject.

Go through Amazon Kindle area.

Go to Amazon Kindle area and choose a category of your choice (choose a category where you want to know how to make an eBook).

Now, go through all the eBooks in that particular classification. Focus primarily on discovering popular eBooks with 4 and 5 star rankings from users.

Search for a minimum of 5 to 10 eBooks that you actually like. That way you can easily develop 1 or 2 eBook topic ideas to begin your own eBook.

Step 2: Validate your eBook concept.

Quick note: This step is totally optional. You do not require to always verify your eBook particularly if you’re offering it away totally free (to grow your e-mail list or following). However verifying your eBook concept is a MUST if you’re offering your eBooks!

Recognition of any product is the most crucial action.


If you produce an item such as an eBook without recognition, you’re assuming what people might desire. You’re NOT 100% sure whether individuals really want it or not.

Producing eBooks always takes some time consisting of money.

You don’t wish to produce a product that people do not desire.

By verifying your eBooks;.

You can save time.
Conserve money.
You can learn what EXACTLY your target market wants from you.
Here’s how we validated our first ever superior eBook idea.

We utilized our Facebook group for eBook validation.

Here’s what we asked;.

As you can see above, we merely asked our audience a question: “Would you pay if I created extremely useful resource around “my tested keyword research procedure to get # 1 rankings on Google?”.

We pointed out that we’re going to produce our first ever superior eBook around “Keyword Research”.

By the time we asked the above question, we didn’t even begin dealing with that eBook. We didn’t squander our time or money.

We wanted a YES from a great deal of individuals. As you can see above, most of the members of the group said YES. That’s what we wanted!

Okay now, let’s speak about the actual part.

How can you validate your eBook concept?

Here are some of the PROVEN ways to confirm your eBook prior to you even start creating it.

Start with your network.

When you understand for your eBook, share it with others in your network. One of the dumbest errors most people make is they keep their eBook concepts with themselves.

They never reveal their eBook (or product) concepts with others. Don’t stress. Nobody will steal your ideas. Most people do not perform their ideas. Even if they do, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

Why? Due to the fact that you are unique. You can create much better items if you perform correctly. That said, here are some places to share your eBook concepts to figure out whether they deserve pursuing or not.

Your own blog.
Use social networks (including FB groups, Twitter etc).
WhatsApp or Telegram groups (if you’ve access).
Your email list.
Start a study.

You can carry out surveys online to quickly verify your eBook topic idea. There are a ton of online survey tools that you can utilize. Here’s a list of a few of them.

Google Forms.
If absolutely nothing works, simply get going. Do not believe too much. Take the threat. Jump off the cliff. Develop an eBook. Promote it extensively (also carefully). Enjoy the rollercoaster trip.

Action 3: Start developing material from scratch.

As soon as you’re done with the subject concept and validation of your eBook, it’s time to start developing material.

This is the most time-consuming step as developing quality content always takes time.

That stated, there are 2 ways you can create content for your eBook;.

Employ an expert writer to produce content.
Do it all on your own.
If you’re like me, you can simply outsource the content production procedure as it not just conserves a ton of time however you’ll get high quality things if you get it done from professionals.

Yes, you can likewise use websites like Fiverr, UpWork etc if you’re seeking to finish the job within a restricted budget plan.

This comprehensive guide is mainly written for newbies, so we’ll show you how to compose an eBook from scratch (all by yourself).

Here’s the simple structure.

Develop an outline for each chapter of your ebook.
Break down each chapter as you compose.
Produce your composing strategy.
Take time to modify.
Let’s now talk about the above framework in detail so you can get a better concept.

Develop an overview for each chapter of your ebook.

Whatever begins with an overview consisting of eBooks, blog posts, case studies, items and so on. Outlining your eBook helps you quickly complete your job from start to finish. So how do you lay out an ebook? Here are some fast suggestions.

Examine other eBooks table of contents (so you’ll get an idea about how to lay out an eBook). Go through the Amazon Kindle section to find similar eBooks tabulation and chapters.
Break your eBook into several chapters.
Deal with each chapter as an in-depth individual blog post (so you can deal with each chapter a day or more or more if needed).
The number of pages should your ebook be? (Plan that in advance so it ends up being a lot easier later).
Break down each chapter as you compose.

The very best way to begin writing an eBook is to deal with one chapter at a time. You can deal with each chapter as a private article and usage Google Docs to start producing material.

Here’s how it can look like;.

Chapter 1.
Chapter 2.
Chapter 3.
Chapter 4 (and so on).
Once everything’s done, you can assemble it into an eBook. Google Docs even uses a download option (from File area) to turn your content into a PDF file.

Develop your writing plan.

Getting motivated to write is hard. You need to have a constant composing plan to complete your eBook. Before you even start writing, make sure to choose how many days you require to complete the writing part. That way, you can plan beforehand how many hours per day you require.

That is why you need a composing plan as it determines exactly what you will do to finish your book. Here’s how you can create your composing plan.

Schedule a time (find out when are you most efficient).
Decide just how much time should you write in a day (30 minutes? 1 hour or even more?).
Set deadlines (for each chapter).
3 Tips to Write Faster.

New to eBook publishing? Looking for some tested pointers to compose quickly? Take a look at these helpful composing suggestions.

Set writing goals. Aim to write 300 to 500 words a day as it’s a good start. Likewise, decide the number of words your eBook requirements. For instance, by writing simply 500 words a day, you can get a 10,000-word initial draft eBook done in about 20 days (or 1 month). So very first choose for how long is an eBook needs to be. So you can quickly set composing goals to write an ebook fast.
Eliminate interruptions. Switch off all the social networks notifications (including your email alerts). Put your phone aside. Start writing. Use the Pomodoro strategy and work non-stop for 25 minutes to take a 5 minute break. It works really fantastic.
Don’t edit while you write. Editing and composing are two various things. Most people lose a ton of time in editing while they are still writing. Do not make that error. It can save you a lot of time.
Take Time to Edit.

The final stage of your eBook writing is editing. It’s one of the most crucial thing as you do not wish to produce an eBook that’s complete of grammatical errors.

Do not rush through proofreading your eBook two times. Modifying takes some time.

Here are some fast tips for editing.

Read out loud. Read out loud. Read out loud. Do that with every chapter.
Use tools like Grammarly. Conserves a lot time also.
Take help from others who you believe are grammar nazis. Invest cash in modifying your eBook (if possible).

Step 4: Design your eBook.

Whether you agree with it or not, a professionally created ebook cover makes the distinction between a successful sale or a mediocre one.

Your eBook design is exceptionally important. If it’s not attractive, no matter how terrific your material, your eBook won’t grab attention.

So do not take your eBook design gently. There are 2 basic ways to develop your eBook.

Employ somebody.
Do it yourself (using tools and templates).
Let us quickly discuss both the above methods for more understanding.

Working with someone.

This is most likely the most convenient way. You can either employ a professional (bit expensive however worth every penny) or utilize platforms like Fiverr to let someone do it for you.

From designing your eBook covers to formatting your whole eBook, you can find a ton of gigs on Fiverr or Upwork. The best part is the majority of the gigs are economical as most of the Fiverr gigs begin with simply $5.

Designing by yourself.

If you’re someone who wants to do it all by yourself, you can do that too. Although it takes some practice (and time) to design a compelling eBook from cover to formatting but you’ll discover a new ability, right?

Luckily, there are a ton of tools you can utilize to design your eBook. A few of them include;.

Canva (exceptional tool for creating eBook covers).
Google Docs (this is what 90% of the eBook creators utilize for composing), it likewise assists you download your material into PDF files, ePUB files and so on
. Adobe InDesign (if you’re familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite, this one suffices for you!).
Scrivener’s editor (another extensively used tool that allows you to import your Word documents, different them into files and after that reorganize them in any way to produce PDF files).
Google Slides (Another free tool from Google that you can use to create, view, and modify Google presentations, along with Microsoft Powerpoint files).
Important tip: While formatting your eBook style, don’t use more than 2 fonts unless you truly understand what you’re doing. We generally utilize one font for headings (h1, h2, h3) and one font for body copy.

Similarly, do not choose more than 4 colours in your entire eBook.

One for the background of your pages (keep it light).
One for body text.
One for link colours (one ought to easily identify it as a link).
One for other stuff (such as footer section, call to actions etc).
You can likewise utilize ebook templates.

If you do not wish to utilize tools, you can merely download and utilize some eBook design templates. Here are some of the websites where you can get lovely eBook templates online.

Free eBook templates from HubSpot.
eBook design templates from Venngage.
Free eBook Templates & Examples from Lucidpress.
As discussed above, you can also utilize Canva to create a stunning eBook style. You can select from Canva’s library of over 1 million images and graphics (while most of their images are free, while the rest are all priced at simply $1).

Step 5: Promotion is the KEY.

No matter how much money or time you invested in developing your eBook, if you don’t promote, you’ll stop working to produce buzz or sales. It would be tough for your target audience to find your eBook if you do not promote.

If you construct it, they will not come. You have to work extremely hard to promote your eBooks. Why? Merely since there’s too much competitors out there.

That stated, here are some clever methods to promote your eBook.

Develop a landing page.
Wisely promote it on your website.
Connect to other bloggers.
Let’s briefly discuss them now.

Produce a dedicated landing page.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your eBooks free of charge or offering them, you require to develop landing pages.

Here’s our keyword research eBook customized landing page appears like;.

We deliberately made it minimalistic and it looks really stylish.

So how can you develop landing pages? You can utilize page builders like;.

Prosper Architect.
Divi builder.
Wisely promote it on your website.

If you have a blog site, you need to certainly promote your eBook within your blog site. Not only does it give more exposure to your blog audience but it assists with high conversions.

Although we hadn’t released an exclusive article around our eBook but we highly suggest it as it provides excellent direct exposure (we’ll definitely do it in the future).

Here are a few of the places where we included our eBook for promotion.

At the end of blog posts.
An unique area at the top navigation menu.
Above the fold (on the homepage).
Reach out to other blog writers.

Blog writer outreach is among the most efficient ways to promote your items such as eBooks. The majority of people would enjoy to share your eBook with their followers. So don’t think twice to request assistance.

Here’s what we made with our very first paid eBook.
If you’re following Bloggers Passion for a while, you may already understand that we recently introduced our FIRST ever premium product i.e an eBook around Keyword Research.

It took us around 1 month to end up the whole product from scratch. After that, we spent another 2 to 3 weeks on the “pre-launch” stage to generate more buzz around the eBook to increase sales.

Here’s what we did when we are finally made with the eBook creation.

Sent it to a couple of blog writers (for feedback and reviews).
Spent cash on FB ads.
Used our FB group for the most part.
Included appropriate posts, Quora Answers, Videos and so on
Email List. Quick pointer: Traffic from Facebook and email list are the very best traffic sources for eBook promo.

Let’s briefly speak about each of them so you can clearly understand the process.

Sent it to a number of bloggers.

When we’re finished with the eBook (both composing and designing), we sent it to a couple of blog writers for feedback and testimonials.

We currently have access to bloggers who have a good following on social networks sites like Facebook and Twitter so their reviews worked as social evidence. Most of them have gone through the eBook and sent out sincere feedback which we later on consisted of in our landing page.

Here’s how their reviews look like;.

If you’re going to introduce an eBook, you can do this in addition to a part of your pre-launch promo method as it assists you with two things.

Functions as social proof.
You can get HONEST feedback (so if they supply any tips, you can make changes to your eBook accordingly).
Used our FB group for the most part.

As we just discussed above, traffic from Facebook transforms well if you have an engaging audience.

We currently have an active Facebook group called Bloggers Passion VIP group which has over 6K incredible blog writers. We typically share a ton of techniques around SEO and affiliate marketing and the majority of the bloggers frequently ask questions around rewarding blogging.

Our FB group actually assisted with our eBook promo. In fact, we utilized the group from product validation to taking concepts, promotion, blog writer outreach and so on.

If you’re already running a FB group, ensure to increase your user engagement by often posting something helpful. If you don’t have one, look for at least 3 to 5 groups where the engagement is substantial. It certainly assists you with more eBook sales and user engagement.

Used money on FB ads.

If you’re offering your eBooks, you MUST consider Facebook advertisements. They work excellent if you have a legendary product. Make sure to target the right audience to improve your ROI.

Here’s one of the FB ad copies.

As you can see above, within a few days, the advertisement was generating fantastic outcomes (in regards to user engagement in comments, shares, likes etc). Facebook ads likewise helped us get 50+ sales within the very first week.

We began our ad budget plan with 500 rupees (around $7 a day) and increased it to 2000 rupees (around $30 a day). We always created more money than FB ad spend, so yes we’re still continuing them.

Added in relevant posts, Quora Answers, Videos etc

. If you want to get SEO juice (link juice) to your eBook landing page, you ought to discover and add internal links from appropriate blog posts. We not only included the eBook landing page link in relevant posts but we likewise answered a number of appropriate questions on Quora to promote the eBook.

We also have an exclusive YouTube channel for Bloggers Passion where we included links to the eBook landing page. It helps with both SEO and traffic.

Utilized our email List.

If you’re not developing an email list, you must develop one from today. An email list can send you greater conversions. We produced a decent number of sales from our email list.

Frequently asked questions About Writing an eBook.

Here are some fascinating concerns around developing an eBook from scratch.

What is an ebook?

An eBook is the electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a smartphone, laptop computer or tablet. eBooks provide you simpler access to check out from anywhere. In fact, you can store countless eBooks in one gadget (such as your smart device, Kindle device, tablet etc).

What are the helpful tools to write an ebook?

Here are some of the tools you can utilize to develop an eBook from scratch.

Google Docs (for composing).
Canva (for creating eBook cover).
Google Slides or Scrivener’s editor (for formatting your eBook).
Or you can simply choose any editing software like Google Docs, MS Word etc and transform them into PDF format (or your favored format such as MOBI, ePUB etc). You can likewise outsource the formatting part of your eBook on platforms like Fiverr.

How to come up with ebook concepts in 2021?

Understanding your target audience helps you a lot in settling an idea for your eBook. You can likewise utilize the following to create eBook ideas in 2021.

Amazon kindle area.
Your rivals’ eBooks.
Analysing your leading carrying out blog posts (and developing an eBook around them).

Last ideas on composing an eBook from scratch.

There are 3 standard things to create an eBook.

Creation and promo.
We’ve discussed all of them in this detailed guide where you’ll find out how to compose and release an eBook from scratch. So don’t wait on another day to write your eBook. Among the factors the majority of people do not publish eBooks is this: they typically delay. They wait for the best day.

Don’t wait. Do something about it today. If you have any more concerns on developing your very first eBook, ask them in the remarks.

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