What are the things I do not like about Sqribble?

Sqribble is almost great as I see it. The one thing I dislike about it are the upsells and also limitations of other features. There are four upsells, and they’re super annoying. This software works without the upsells anyway, so that you can just ignore them. However, if you wish to power up your software, it is best to grab them. There are four upsells, and these are the following:

Upsell 1. Sqribble Professional

You can unlock a 150 professional e-books. However, you are aware that the best ones are included in the professional version. The graphics are more prepared, and they fit all the types of niches. A single template, if you would check from the web site of the stock, costs around $445 for only one template. So, if you would like various templates, then power up.

Upsell 2. Sqribble Prime

You can get Fifteen limited edition templates available on your dash board each month. So, your library would increase and make your e-book stand out. It’s much cheaper than getting the templates from stock web sites.

Upsell 3. Sqribble Fantasia

This upsell provides 2 in one feature. First is unlocking a 3D cover creation on the dash board. It would enable you to create flat covers to a lifelike cover, a 3D cover. It’s good at getting the attention of the people because it makes the e-book looks lovely and feel like it is real. The second is the feature in which you can create a flipbook that turns the eBook to an interactive and also animated like it is real. It can be linked any place in the online platform and also embedded on web pages with a single piece of code. It’s super cool.

Upsell 4. Auto Finder Software

If you use Sqribble in creating your e-books for e-book creation service and you would be paid, then Auto Job Finder is necessary. It would find related jobs from various freelancing web sites and also would let you know so you can fulfill them. You can save money and time.

No Automatic Save

Once you edit, there isn’t any automatic saving ability. You have to save your work because it wouldn’t save itself manually. However, there’s a saving prompt that pops up, but I find it somehow annoying. Yet it’s an excellent reminder always to save work.

There is no Undo

The no undo button is another dislike I’ve for this tool. You can’t be undone whatever you have done. So, there is no way of returning from the last work you did unless you do it again. I can’t realise why this option is not available. My point is that every designing tool should have an undo button so that you can quickly go back to the previous design you’d in case you do not like what you have created afterward. Maybe I just get used to the undo button from other tool that when things don’t look right, I can go back immediately to the previous one.

Sales Tool

For you to use Sqribble the simplest way, you need to purchase upgrades. You have to buy these upgrades to make use of this tool well. You can only have access to the best features when you purchase the product. Such as, on the homepage of the tool, you’d get access to the two features from 6. You need to buy the remaining since it is blocked. If you don’t, you won’t get its benefits. It feels like this tool was designed to make money.

The buggy of Plugins and also Extensions

I was having a lot of problems when I began using the tool in my chrome browser. I can’t use some features, so I contacted the support and also pinpointed the plugins that I need to turn off for the feature to work. An example of this plugin is Grammarly. I use Grammarly a lot, so disabling it’s not pleasant for me.

Options for design are limited

There are limited options for the design if you’re only using the underlying product. For you to have access to more designs, you need to update your subscription. Upgrading would give you much more lots of options. When you want to edit the page, you’ve got a minimal option for each element. Say, if you want to drop a shadow or an element, you may decide from light, full, and dark shadow. You can’t manipulate this shadow beyond these options.

Inability to create a custom color

Even though there are many pre-created colors, it’s worthy if you can create your color pallet. It becomes frustrating if your customer has a brand color that you need to stick with. However, you may also change the colors from the options, but about the custom color palette, you have to stick to the color palette that is predesigned. I think it would be a nice improvement if the users would be given the ability to create a custom color palette and also save it afterward to use. By doing this, you can manipulate the colors of the e-book.

Cannot Upload a Custom Font

Although there are lots of Google fonts that are offered, you can’t upload any other fonts in the case; you want something else. You would end up making an e-book based on the available Google font.

Storage capacity is fixed.

You can only store a fixed amount of data. So, if you’re done with the eBook that you’ve created first, just delete it to give more room for another e-book. Let me give a detailed example. I created an e-book, and I have 15 pictures on it. I used 5% of the capacity storage space, which gives me the idea that I can only have about 20 or less than e-books in-store at a given time. I think it is better if cloud storage is higher than it’s right now.

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