Who created the Sqribble?

Sqribble is a product of a marketing expert. AdeelChowdhry is a famous product creator, and a bests selling author. He’s running a coaching business and a successful business consultancy with a focus on internet marketing. Before the release of Sqribble, he developed Pixzel Studio FX. It’s a digital tool that is utilized by thousands of business people around the globe.

AdeelChowdhry understands the challenges that internet marketers experience. So, his digital product is always designed to help internet business marketers succeed by providing practical methods to the problems and also challenges.

What are the things that Sqribble can do?

Sqribble is unique on its way. It’s fully loaded with templates that are intended for professional use. You need the good looking covers, and the process of creating your e-book becomes satisfying and also smooth. This tool is remarkable because it can do all of the following:

  • Automatically make a table of contents
  • Instantly make header and also footer
  • Pagination is automatic
  • There is a drag and also drop design
  • Add and also delete a page easily
  • Add media
  • Choose form over 300 google fonts
  • There are Fifty eBook templates available for 15 niche
  • Have 10 different themes of eBooks
  • Create contents automatically
  • Turn the book to a flipbook

All the thingsI’ve enumerated are not yet all. There are still a lot more you can do using this tool. Sqribble is powerful for saving your time, effort, and cash.

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