Designrr Review

Traditionally, it took forever to create eBooks and lead magnets for marketing our contents. At one time, I could take months, alongside using a collection of tools to do this. However, at the back of my mind, something kept saying, “there shall be a tool that does all this in just a few steps.” It was back in 2015 and guess what? My “prophecy” came true in less than a year ~ Designrr was launched in 2016.

What Is Designrr?

Designrr is a quick but accurate content repurposing engine based on an online software platform. The tool can change one type of media into another and back. Such kinds of media that can be transformed into others by this tool include but are not limited to;

  • Blog Posts.
  • Video Contents (into audio, PDF files, and more).
  • eBooks.
  • PDFs.
  • Audio Contents.
  • Lead Magnets.

The list is long.

One good thing about this tool is the time and effort it takes to complete your task. Within minutes, you can now change a blog post into an eBook, a job that used to take months. Also, you don’t need to have any special design skills to use it. Anyone, including those with ultimately no prior knowledge or experience in design, can now repurpose different types of contents in no time.

Designrr, due to its services, has since attracted many customers across the globe. Within only six months from the day it was launched, it had already brought in more than ten thousand users. Let’s take a look at the expert behind it.

Who Developed It?

Paul Clifford Bannister is the name. It takes a lot to build such a platform, and Paul has such a rich profile that defines his ability to come up with this tool.

To delve a bit into his profile, Paul has over 20 years of experience in building software. Before he came up with this godsend idea, he worked with such prominent companies like Deutsche Post, Adidas, Nike, Carrefour, and more. Paul is also the guy behind the popular content marketing platform known as Kudani. The hero can even be profiled in more words, but you’ll only take the above for this piece, pals.

So, we have all reasons to trust the brain behind Designrr due to the experience and expertise in him.

How Does It Work?

Designrr, being a support engine of help for all categories of online entrepreneurs, is made to be simple to deal with. Here are some of the fundamental ways in which the tool works, just to make you grok its workability.

Start By Choosing Your Content Source.

Here, you need to determine whether the content is in the form of a video, audio, word document, blog post, social media content, and more. All the formats can be transformed into eBooks, podcasts, and so on. So don’t hesitate to take your content from whichever the source.

Revise The Content.

Designrr gives you a chance to edit your selected content before it is processed. Doing this moment, you can change any identified typos, grammar, and any other type of mistakes.

 Select Your Preferred Template.

After making sure that your content is clean and error-free, you are let free to choose your preferred template. There are up to 200 templates. You can also choose to upload your photos or upload from the tool’s copyright-free unlimited collection of photos. 192 Google Fonts are also available. Then, you can finally add a call to an action icon.

Make Further Tweaks.

In this section, you can make additional edits e.g., change the number of pages, the look of the cover page, or create 3D images. The choice is yours.

After this stage, you can proceed to publish your content.

Video Demo

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How Much Does It Cost?

Designrr offers its services in categories. Each category has its uniqueness, therefore varying prices. Below are the packages and their respective prices:

The Standard Plan.

This one costs you $29 each month. It has several offers under it. Guaranteed security is a crucial offer here.

The Pro Plan.

You’ll have to part with not less than $39 if you need Designrr’s Pro Business Plan services. The offers onboard are worth the price, so don’t hesitate to subscribe to it.

Premium Plan.

The prices are increasing by $10, and that makes the Premium plan cost you $49. With four transcription hours added to the offers, a user of this plan won’t ever regret his decision.

The Business Plan.

The Business Plan is the best of all, with multiple offers. There are eight transcription hours given alongside a rare 3D cover tool and many more offers in this stage. You access the offers at only $99 per month.

NB: An offer that gives you lifetime access to the tool’s services at a one-time fee of $27 is currently available. I advise you to PLEASE RUSH before the offer expires.

Is This Yet Another Scam?

The answer is NO! The person writing this is a user, and he’s never been coned by Bannister. Paul Clifford Bannister is a globally known and trusted entrepreneur, who’s never conned a single user of his services. So? The developer is real.

Another thing to take note of is that Designrr’s platform provides contact numbers for those who need further help. And, the respondents on the other side are people who are both experienced and skilled in their work. I love their responses. A scam will never provide any contact (physical or virtual) on its platform.

Who’s Qualified to Use It?

All online entrepreneurs could find this tool useful for their businesses. Course creators will find the tool helpful in helping them to create PDFs and dynamic flipbooks. Also, YouTube marketers have a reason to smile after Designrr’s transcription feature was introduced. They can now reach a broader audience. The same applies to content marketers who can now find a way of creating lead magnets to entice more readers. Small businesses, video creators, podcasters, webinar marketers, brand marketers, and others also have a reason to smile.

What Are Customers Saying?

Since 2016 when it was launched, Designrr has been grabbing the attention of online businessmen and women so fast. Eighty percent of them opt-in, and 98 percent of the 80 percent are satisfied with the services (I being one of them). Therefore, the service has got a large number of customer feedbacks in various third party review sites, and on the tool’s platform itself.

One customer praises the nature of customer service he met. He says that the agents sound knowledgeable and calm ~ a rare characteristic in most customer care personnel across multiple companies. Another one praises the price, giving a remark that the prices are lower than what is offered. Generally, most customers are satisfied, and this is enough evidence that you’ll also like the services if you opt into.

Does It Offer Security?

Yes, it does. Online security means proper encryption of the data shared by a platform. Designrr’s platform is adequately encrypted, and the domain name ( has a valid encryption certificate.

The meaning of this is that any data that you share with this platform will be very safe from cybercriminals, including your bank account details.

Bottom Line.

Designrr is a modern tool that is almost a basic need for every online entrepreneur. You no longer have to take all the months you used to take when repurposing your contents. I loved the customer feedbacks. The fact that even amateurs in the field can opt into it gives me more courage. This is a 5-star service.

Best of luck, pals!