169 Ideas for Blog Post If You have a Shortage of Content Ideas

Do you have your blog and need help with the right content ideas? If so, this article is for you. Here, you can learn many topics on which you can write the blog. In short, these are the ideas for a blog post that increases your market share, engagement, ROI, revenue growth, traffic, and many more.

Define the purpose of the blog

Before starting to create the content, you must define the purpose of your blog. If you do not find the exact purpose, then you will not create an impact on your content. You will not willing to invest your valuable time in such content that does not pay off.

Your target audience 

Find your target market/audience? You must find out the content that they want. Each part of your content must apply to your intended audience.  Or else, nobody will read your posts irrespective of how much right you think these are.

Your niche/industry 

You must find your niche or industry like hospitality, clothing, digital marketing, or technology. If you want to make growth and generate profit from the blog, then it is important to recognize your niche. Once you find your particular industry, then you’ll auto-generate relevant content that’ll attract your audience.

Ways to find out blog ideas?

If you think you become tired of using many ideas for your blog and you have not any new thing to post with your audience. Now, what should you do? You can use various tools when you do not think to write on anything else. The recommended list includes:

Ideas for the Blog post that drive traffic towards your blog

  • Write on most recent trending topics

Studies have shown that people want to read about the most recent trending topics. When you add things in your blogs, of which people are in search of them, it’ll become successful. The tools such as Google Trends, Buzz feed, and Reddit helps you in finding the most recent trending topics relevant to your industry. Some examples of the trending topics are:

  • Does water drinking help cleanse your body from COVID-19 effects?
  • Global Economic conditions During Pandemic of COVID-19
  • Post a challenge

Do you want a pleasant change in your livings or life? It can be a skill, a habit or routine, or anything else. You can create a challenge for it and update your audience for it. For instance, no make-up 30 days challenge, the coding challenge for 30 days, or a keto diet plan 30-day challenge.

  • Make a schedule

You must offer your readers a sneak peek of your daily activities by telling them what you do to spend your full day. Your readers get closeness to you. Mention your goals, workout plans, and whatever you will find important to create an interest in their mind.

  • Routine 

It’s human nature that they love to look at others when they have to cope with their issues. You can tell them of your morning activities for reducing stress, what things you prefer to eat, and drink to support or lose weight, and what you do to clean your house.

  • Reveal about your secrets  

We love to listen to secrets. You also can share your secrets on your blog. For example, how do you manage a healthy balance work life, etc? So you can reveal your secrets for the success of your blog.

I suggest sharing one secret in one post, though this you can attract more readers on your blog. People will also wait for your new blog, content to get familiar with your new secrets.

  • Tell about yourself

The audience follows those blogs that inform about their own lives. You should try to use this strategy. For instance, you can tell them of your blogging experience, which thing inspired you to start the blog or how do you make a start in the blogging field. You can write about what you think will attract your readers. Few ideas that you can use include:

  • The traffic in your blog from the starting till now
  • Your mistakes and achievements
  • Your favorite things like songs, childhood memories, favorite meals, etc.
  • Recycle past content

Recycling means to give new life by renewing the old content. I recommend you to repurpose your most favorite past content. You can grab new viewers and expand your reach through repurposing.

  • Try new things for your blog

If you accept new challenges, then try something new like coding. By this, you can attract your readers who always keen to see new things from you against the crowd.

  • Describe how the extremely complex things work

Suppose you find that readers want to get a knowledge of crypto-currency formats that do not clarify by any other blog. You can create your content that benefits the readers. As a result, the viewers will prefer you as they know they will find productive content in your blog.

  • Start a challenge 

If you want your traffic to hit the roof, consider starting a challenge. You need not award-successful contestants with lots of expensive gifts. You can easily provide them with gifts like custom hats, etc.

  • Show your possessions

People take an interest in their bloggers’ possessions, or what they have. It is important to get benefits from this opportunity. You can show them your belongings so they easily come near to you. For instance, you can show your expensive cars, budget, or your home. You can also sum up all your favorite things in a compiled list.

but, one thing, which you need to keep in mind, is that you should do this thing perfectly because showing your possessions is a big thing.

  • Experiment a quote which hit the masses

Quotes create attraction. They give you an inspiring impression. Whenever you see a quote, you take a moment to think about it. This thing develops your interest and you want to know the details of the content. You can share many quotes from your relevant niche and use them to attract readers.

  • Post cunning life hacks

You can tell people about such things, which they find will make their life enjoyable and easier. For example, how you can replace your broken cell phone screen without approaching an expert, how you can improve your unresponsive laptops, and many more.

  • Plan a series of stories, poems or posts

If you do not want to lose the interest of readers in your blog, then try to plan a series of stories, poems, and stories. You can include chunks between them by talking about things that make people happy. In this way, your reader remains attached, busy, and entertained and does not get bored. You must keep your stories and poems short because it doubles the chances of readability.

  • Create graphs and infographics 

It is being seen that people attracted more towards images against the text words. Otherwise, you can say that you can inform people about specific things through using images against the plaintext. This thing makes sense for you to use infographics and graphs on your posts. You must not rely on it, but you can try it.

  • Interview of influential personalities

There are several people to whom we admired. Then why can’t you benefit from this opportunity? You can take an interview and post it on your blog. You are more likely to hit a million clicks. Is it not an excellent strategy?

  • Create the “in-depth” guides 

You can never fail by using in-depth guides. You can create guides, which must revolve around the trending topics and contain information on what people wish to hear and know about. This can turn your blog into a massive win phase.

  • Prepare a list of “top ten”

Make a brainstorming and think about the things you can rank. For instance, “top ten techniques to improve your blog”, “top ten coding ideas”, “top ten keto recipes”, and many more. You can also use the must-read list, for example, a list containing best museums, most haunted sites, best destinations of the worlds, whatever that fit in your particular niche. You just keep in mind that your list must focus and cover the current issues.

  • React on latest events 

For instance, tell your world the latest remarks of your president or the recent development in politics. When you talk on the latest event, then the thing stops not only on politics, but all the latest events matter like celebrity talks, etc. so whatever the thing is you must show up it in a more exciting way to develop the interest of readers?

  • Travel the world and make posts

If you love to travel, then you can grow your blog by creating content on your travel experiences. You can attract people by adding lots of photos of the place that you visited. You can talk about your likes and dislikes of visiting destinations. Sometimes people make traveling decisions by reading the materials on traveling blogs. You can keep your viewers engaged by using this strategy.

  • Use old argument

Have you familiar with the word “argument”, it can increase your traffic. I am giving you an example of this, “Is education matters more than money?” It is an old argument and by using this you can encourage people for conversation. You should not get fear talking about the controversial topics, instead, bring it up in the kindest manner and ensured to let the audience take part.

  • Bring a joke 

Come up with a joke is an excellent strategy if you carry out it in the right way, it pays off. You must create the catchy one-liner thought at the start, or create stories with a funny tag line. Remember, it must be enjoyable, be tasteful, and ensured to not hurt anyone.

  • State failures and successes of your life

Write about your own life’s successes and failures in your blog to get people to inspire. You can highlight your achievements with the success point,  talk about your failures with the reasons, your exciting memories, what life events made you successful. If you do this, then I assure you will grab a larger number of readers and they will always look forward to what you write.

  • Make your conspiracy principles

Do people live on other planets? Is the earth round or flat? How do the night and day vary? Hence, you can post your own created conspiracy theories that can encourage the masses to take part. Your thoughts might end up right after that, who knows?

  • Motivate your audience to share your posts

It looks weird to say to your readers for sharing your content, but it not is. If your audience knows your intentions, then they will help you in spreading your message. You can say to your audience for sharing or do it in another way, which you consider is right or matched with your viewers’ taste. Write it in a way which they like.

  • Share your dreams and goals 

Don’t hesitate from letting the world know about your goals and dreams. Do you want to be a coder data scientist, or you wanted to become a singer? You can write about it. Just package them all and make a blog post to share them.

  • Disprove a myth or theory

If you have an interest in research, then you can create content to prove theories or myths. For instance, you watched each episode of the Myth Busters so you can know if they skipped something important, then go for it and make blog posts on it.

  • Publish comments of your followers

The comment of your followers gives you creative ideas for your blog content. For instance, if a follower adds comments such as “OMG YOU ARE T3H BEST”, then you make a blog on this topic “3 in place of omitted e”. You just need to be creative to start an interesting conversation through it.

  • Invite the guest posts 

One more way to publish content on your site is by guest posting. I suggested you do it, but see the reviews and guidelines before publishing a new post. The best things about guest posting are that you can reach bloggers who want to convey information about their ability and thoughts on your posts. You can also make posts on their blogs. This becomes a win-win state.

  • Use the existential question

You can use several existential questions for your blog. The examples of these questions are: “State exact definition of carbon footprint?” Are you here to work for a bigger cause?” and many others? Ask various questions and write on them.

You must ask such questions that have over one answer. For instance, “Explain the meaning of life?” “If you get a bonus, how will you spend it?”. These questions can keep your site active all time.

  • Ask questions and make replies

You can engage your followers by asking them to send their questions. Once they add their questions, reply to them to get engage in your blog posts.

  • Generate a memorial 

It hurts everyone to lose loved ones. It may be your pet or your member of the family whom you can never forget. You have a choice to generate a touching memorial. So, you will always get your memory to live in your readers’ minds and get them engaged.

  • Talk about your dreamy vacation

Describing the places you wish to visit. You just need to be creative in generating this content. Once you do it right, then you will find a huge following that will look forward to your next posts.

  • Choose a date from history and tell people what happened on that day

You can find out any interesting events of your past. You just need to search for a specific date of an interesting event of history. You need to collect the information on what had been happening on that day since years ago. You need to be creative when working on it and stand yourself apart from the crowd. For instance, you can tell people what was happening today. You must find the differences, patterns, and similarities.

  • Share the lessons you learned in your life

If you love to help others, then you must go through many difficulties in your life. State your experience in your posts so the others who struggle with the same issues can escape their selves from such mistakes. For example, you may talk about your habits you don’t like and ways to overcome them, or how do you quit smoking, or how do you cope with your mood swings in your pregnancy period?

You need to package your habits, lessons, and experience in the form of attracting content and then see the results.

  • Write an intricate lie and get it clear of what you are doing

You can write a truth of which everyone understands and challenges to it or come with anything ridiculous or argue for it. It can create curiosity and start a chat with your followers who may want to contradict your lie. Whatever strategy you adopt, you just need to play a perfect game to get your audience engaged.

  • Publish your resume and experience

Have you ever thought of publishing your experience and resume on your blog? If your answer is no, then just take a try for it. I am sure that you will find an amazing response to it. Through implementing this unique idea your audience will get to know about your interests, hobbies, and careers.

  • Post your biography

It works the same as of the past idea or memory. You only need to post your entire biography. You need not be a renowned and famous person when to do it. Just remember that people read your blog because they take an interest in you. People love to know about their writers. What is better than providing them information about your entire life?

  • Leverage 

Try to create the linkable content that can take you to a new level. You need to make such content that people can link to make it without taking your permission. It includes informative videos, extensive research, evergreen guides, and many others.

  • Post your portfolio elements

It’s good for you to post your achievements by showing your portfolio. If you are a writer, graphic designer, or an artist, then work on it. People wish to know about your skills and interest. It is now up to you that how well they resonate throughout the masses.

  • Republish your famous posts

The old posts which worked well for your blog in the past can do the same in the present if recycled. If you have nothing to do, then just select from your most popular pieces, recycle them, and publish them again. It will not only attract your followers but the new ones.

  • Generate the content using a more conversational style of writing

You need not be so rigid or stick to one style of writing, but try to switch from one to another. Sometimes you can yourself surprise to find the styles about which you never through can work best for you.

  • Educate your followers

You can inform other bloggers about how to secure their content from hackers. If you know more about a specific subject, then share it with your followers. For example, do you familiar with aromatherapy? Why do you not write a post about the uses and benefits of aromatherapy candles? You are not only limited to this subject, but you can also teach on various other topics. Try to use a disclaimer on your website that is helpful to you for this purpose (like the particular material uses for information only).

  • Ask your followers for feedback

The key to the growth of your blog is regular feedback. People give feedback, so let them ask for it. You can also use it in the form of a call to action on your blog. You will get a surprise of how the response rate increases by adding this text line in your blog post.

  • Summarize the ideas, blog posts or books of others

Think, when did you read a long blog post or a book? Your answer will surely be not.  The solution to this issue is to create catchy summaries for blog posts or famous books. You need to extract the main gist of the book or story and save the readers’ time.

  • Form a manifesto

Many people do not care about forming a manifesto, yet it may be productive for your blog growth. Your manifesto may include the objectives, intentions, ideas, and opinions of your blog. You structure them well so that the readers can decipher the blog’s core message.

  • Write about your fans/followers and dedicate them in your posts

Appreciation for your followers and fans pays off for you. You can do this by featuring the specific individual in any of your posts. As a result, they will become loyal to you for their recognition and share your blog post.

  • Keep yourself away for a week

It may be risky to keep yourself away from blogging for some time. Yet it can work for you. Many people have got help from this approach and you can also get from it. Leave your viewers at the peak to take a pause. After a few days, leave the message of your comeback. In this way, you can create the excitement of your come back.

  • Make a custom page and motivate people to search it

Page 404 is an example of this. It does not mean a default page 404 which keeps visitors away. You can create a custom page by using the online tutorials.

  • Invite professionals for making reviews on your posts

Experts do not have time to make comments on your posts. They can only comment on your content until or unless you send them an invitation. If they agree to comment on your posts, then this can bring many new followers on your blog.

  • Create video and audio posts

Use the video and audio content for people who dislike reading and just want to listen and watch. You must use the best equipment for getting quality video and audio.

  • Showcase electrifying events and encouraging innovations

Your job is not only to create the new content but also to consider other people who belong to your niche. For instance, help your audience in finding reliable trainers, bloggers, experts, etc. It looks like a simple task but helps to keep your blog alive and active.

When we talk about breakthroughs, events and innovations then remember to post their source links. By doing this, you will enrich the lives of your readers by letting them discover exciting and new content.

  • Form your bucket list

The bucket list includes all those things you wish to achieve. You can come with a long list, and each time you leave something from it by writing a post to inform your reader about it.

  • Host the live event

Hosting live events have become popular in current days. You will have seen many people do this, in the recent global climate. If you also adopt this approach of hosting a live event, then it will drive traffic unexpectedly to your blog.

  • Write reviews on exceptional topics

People hate expired food, defective devices, diseases, and many others. Imagine if you write reviews on these topics. People take more interest in the distinct content.

  • Allow Gravatar imageries in your comment sections

If you want to keep the section of comment active, then use gravatar images. People like commenting on their profile and here the place where gravatar images work.

  • Post your art

It works for a creative individual. Today art spread from music to sculpting, painting, writing, and many others. If you are a blogger and an artist, then it can create added help for you. You have more things which you can do from showcasing your artwork to make an elaboration of it. In this way, you can inspire your readers by your art.

  • Learn new things and blog it 

You need to show the common problems of your niche, which you can fix by providing a complete guide. For instance, if your viewers want to learn how to install Microsoft Windows, then you can create a step-by-step guide for them. These posts offer more benefits as people bookmark them and save for later use.

  • Publish uncommon and interesting facts 

If you are familiar with some uncommon and interesting facts, then talk about them.  For example, do you know it’s impossible to hum when you shut your nose? Make an attempt and try to do it, you will find it written. I bet you this content will not disappoint you and your audience will take an interest in it.

  • Write on the common misconception in your industry/niche

Assumptions that people make are often lead them towards misconceptions. If you have misconceptions about your field, then you can write on them. You must prove to their readers that these are wrong by providing the facts and figures. I assure you that your viewers will make a thanks note for you.

For instance, if a misconception arises that people cannot make enough money from blogging and you know the truth. You can share your knowledge about it. You can create productive content through posting the fact sheet of your income or the others’ income reports if you can gain it. You can also interview other bloggers to reject this misconception.

  • Support others

It is a very simple thing by which you can support your followers, those who are struggling or new to blogging or start their business, and many others. You can do this by showcasing their work over your blog. You can get help from it, as your readers can get new content in less time. You just need to come with a unique approach to support others by telling your readers to know that you select to support others.

You can support by providing solutions to many problems of people. For instance, if anybody struggles to power Television and you can post the solution for it. Or if you are in a condition to give relationship advice, then you do not shy to help them if you can do it. If someone becomes happy with your help, then he/she will mention you in his/her post or with friends.

You should always intend to support others, regardless of what the situation may be. For example, you can teach others how to spend time in the recent pandemic. How you can work from home or involve yourself in-home activities, etc.

  • Tell about what you can do with the Time Machine 

If you go back in time, what do you like to change? Will you do the things right that went wrong in the past? or go to start a new business or start school. You can create a complete series on it that what you would like to do if you can access the history and control a time machine.

Otherwise, you can also write about your future. Imagine writing about yourself in the year 2022. It is fun to take your audience to the world of imagination.

  • Respond to posts and ideas of other bloggers

You should spend the time reading the blog of others relating to your niche. You should also leave comments where possible. But, it will not pay off you at once as time passes, you will get to know about its benefits. For example, other bloggers to whom posts you comment can mention you in their blog or they can also comment you back in your blog. Reciprocation is the most powerful tool for success.

  • Describe your dream partner 

I assured you have seen stories in which people talk about their dream partner? They talk about: what does their partner look like? What values and morals do they have? Interests? Education?. Then why do you not share your thoughts of your dream partner? Who would be that person?

This works for you if you are single. Yet you can also use this approach if you have built a relationship. You can write a post about how you get engaged with your partner and which of his/her qualities you most admire. You can give tips on how you should meet with your special ones. People love to read about relationship stories.

  • Argue about a topic from both sides in a single post

Do you ever become part of a debate team? You should find such a topic on which perhaps easily with opposing views. Make a single post for it and ask your audience for views in a comment section. It can turn into a fun, but can also become controversial as it depends on the subject. You should get prepared for any reaction, but make sure your subject must apply to your niche. Controversy can get huge traffic to your blog and the best tool, but remember, this activity must not play with any emotions of people.

  • Blog on your favorite brands and companies

You can get people to inform about your favorite brands. Why the specific brand is of your interest? Which things do you like most? You can find or talk from various angles of a particular brand. You can compare the logos, mission statements, and user demographics of various brands. You can use many options to create attractive content for your blog.

  • Post content through other mediums

You can add content from many other channels and platforms in the modern world. Just consider Tik Tok, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, and many others. Search for the content which interests you most and used it as your blog post. You may share something funny, sad, or entertaining.

  • Creating an E-books and promoting them on the blog

Do you know that your blog works as an effective marketing tool? So you can get a huge buzz through creating E-books and publishing them for free. You can promote them from which people can download them by giving their email ID to you. It is a friendly approach to build your list.

  • Add hypothetical scenarios

You can write about the alien invasions or in what way will your life turn when you retire at 30? Hypothetical scenarios let you hit your imagination. You can make speculation about what can happen in the crisis and recommend them on how to get out of this situation. For example, you can write about how businesses should do to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Craft an alternative history

Sometimes blogging becomes an uphill war, when you have to think about what to write next. Sometimes you have a shortage of ideas, then you have the option of crafting an alternate history. For example, if you want to write about politics, you can write that what will happen if the former president of America Obama elects for the third time. Your readers will take an interest in it. You must write from both sides, the negative and positive.

  • Provide training tips 

In blogging, free advice is not unusual. For instance, you can help somebody who struggles to train the puppy by providing free tips.

  • Make a review of your beloved things

You can make a list of your beloved things. You need only one step to make a post and examine them. You must ensure to make reviews on your items according to your audience mindset. It is possible that they like to video or visual. So whatever the preference is you must create content according to their likes or dislikes.

  • To make posts on your family tree

Make posts of the family tree are interesting and fun. You can know about your genealogy and ancestry by it. You may find lots of the family tree of many influential people, of which you can choose and write about it.

  • Create a series of blog posts including ideas of the different author

It is a unique idea that needs the participation of others. You can write the authors of your niche and then see if you get to involve a group in it. First, write the first section of your post and the remaining leave for others. This method can add different perspectives that make reading more interesting.

  • Enlist stereotypes that must go away

Stereotyping is painful and in most cases wrong. You can enlist the out-dates and crazy beliefs that still exist. You can prove people of why these stereotypes are wrong and need to eradicate from our societies. For Instance,

  • Men can do anything they want because they are strong
  • Women regarded as weak
  • Girls do not do well in sports
  • Write about medical research and the potential cures

Health is the most serious concern for every human being. In today’s world, more people suffer from diseases and ailments than the past ones. We depend on medical research to find treatments and cures. You wish to tap on the recent medical research to see what they discover. Is anybody finding a cure for diabetes? Are there happening some new inventions in medicine which the masses are not familiar with? People always want to know new things. You can become the first one by sharing the medical advancements in your posts.

  • Write about the exceptional laws in the world

Many places are excising by a different world, laws that are not prevailing in other parts of the world. For example, it does not permit men in Korea to have long hairs while they restrict women to wear pants. In some areas of the world, wearing the miniskirt does not allow. You can find some exceptional laws and write about them in your blog. In this way, you can help readers to get familiar with specific laws that belong to a particular state and can open a discussion on it.

  • Feature greatest mistakes of humanity

Nobody is perfect in this world. We all can make mistakes. You can enlist mistakes that affect humans, animals, and the entire world. These mistakes include extinct species of various animals, deforestation, and pollution.

  • Generate an ongoing mystery and let your followers decide where its story goes

Do you wish to change your blog post into a communicating story? Just consider engaging your follower by letting them vote and comment on how your story unfolds. You should give your audience the power to decide your upcoming posts.

  • Put your views on most trending topics

Always lookout for the most recent trending topics. Search out of what people are looking for or passionate about. You can put your thoughts or use Google Trends for finding the most recent trending topics. Remain alert and become the first one to share the views.

  • Feature a vast collection of fascinating items

Go on the internet and find a comprehensive list of fascinating items of which people are not familiar with. For example, cars, toys, stickers, antiques, and all other things which you think your followers will find them interesting.

  • Roast your beloved celebrities

Roasting your beloved celebrity is very entertaining and drives traffic to your site. You can imagine roasting your beloved celebrity on stage! if you look  it as hilarious, as your followers will also find the same.

  • Identify different cultural practices

If you admire different cultural practices than your own culture, then this idea is for you. You can highlight the distinct ideas and concepts of different cultures in your posts.

  • Disclose your largest fear

By revealing your biggest fear, you can get close to your followers. Yet this thing can expose you, so be careful when you write about it.

  • Produce your villain or superhero

You can produce your villain or hero, or you can write about your existing ideal characters. Yet the choice is yours, whatever it is? You need to craft a full story in your blog post. You must consider the process of feedback from your readers, and if they like it, then you can move on by creating a new series of your story.

  • Post your pets’ funny photos

For example, take images of your dog during play and upload them on your blog, then see instant results.

  • Dare your fans to do crazy things

You need not get afraid to dare your fans by sending crazy photos or videos. Take it as fun and it may turn into the contest. After that, you can add everything which you gained through a blog post.

  • Pretend to be crazy 

Wake up for a day and write about random ideas and thoughts which come in your mind. Stay and see how your followers react. They will react and can make an interesting conversation.

  • Spread rumors

You can use some rumors, but make sure to not hurt someone, and its purpose is just to spread the word to your followers to create an interest in your post. The basic key to use this strategy is to add fun to it.

  • Create and share your products and ideas 

If you plan an idea to patent, then you need to be more careful to share it with your audience. However, you can also get feedback against your idea.

  • Share what you want to change if you could

Do you not like the scheme of days and nights? Do you have the problem with that sunrises from the east and set in the west? Do you wish to change many things around you? You can share what do you want to change around you if you could.

  • Make speculations on the mysteries of this universe

For instance, discussing theories about the existence of dark matter or aliens. Present your view on topics that people do not get familiar with.

  • Start the blogging debate

There are various ways to start a blogging debate. Like you can respond to any post with your opposing idea or view and set the discussion going on your blog.

  • Use different tone for writing a post

If you are writing with the same tone and know your audience will respond in the same way. Hence why do you not try to come up with a new writing tone?

  • Promote a cause of which haunts you more

Do you love to work on a special cause? Do you like charity work? Why do you not write about it on your blog? Tell your followers regarding their importance. Go forward and request for donations. You can also share the story of how did you work on the cause and made donations.

  • Carry out an expert roundup

You can easily carry out the expert roundup. You only need to choose some FAQs from your field and ask them from different experts. You just need to compile their answers by including your ideas and views and get them to share.

Other blogging ideas

Creative ideas for blog posts

  • Pile up a GIF-filled blog post
  • Write any kind of parody
  • Find  funny jokes relating to your niche, get them to share in your post
  • Use questions as blog ideas
  • Tell me about your top ten distractions? How do you deal with them?
  • What difficulties does an individual experience in the profession like yours?

Ideas for content marketing

  • Enlist frequently asks questions
  • Profile a customer or reader
  • Talk about the failures
  • Write about the workforce
  • Tell about the creative use of products
  • Pile up a summary of funny memes of your industry
  • Tell people, which make your unique blog posts

Use educational ideas for blog posts

  • Write the ways how people can take care of their health?
  • Which things are your matter of concern when you make a quality assessment in your niche?
  • Write speech notes of your recent presentation
  • Enlist the top things that you wish to know as a beginner
  • Make a post on questions of people they ask through an email?
  • Craft a weekly/monthly newsletter
  • Define the phrases and terms used in your industry?
  • Define your weekly/monthly/yearly goals?

Controversial ideas for the blog post

  • Create a post for the Myth vs. the Fact
  • Shareyour response on a blog with your post 
  • Write about a debate between the people of your industry
  • How do the unlawful activities of the area affect your business?
  • Make a post on the future predictions of your industry?

 Personal ideas for blog posts

  • Write about favorite movies?
  • Whom do you want to take for lunch?
  • Ask Yourself some questions and post their answers.
  • Write about emojis and how to use them.
  • What about the things unknown to many people?
  • State the formula of happiness.
  • What things make you a “good” day?

Roundup ideas for blog posts

  • Compile the best blog posts that you have read in the recent period.
  • Take an interview with the industry leader.
  • Compile quotes relating to your niche.
  • Write about your most popular blog posts and share them again.

Timely ideas for blog posts

  • Share your views about the movies you watch lately.
  • Make reviews on any new service or product?
  • Write about the upcoming holidays?
  • Do you attend any event which highlights you can share with your viewers?
  • Write about the latest trends in your industry?

Fun ideas for blog posts

  • Do you want to create a video blog?
  • Can you share behind the scene videos?
  • Enlist the inspirational quotes for your niche.
  • State about unique and funny things happens at your office, in recent days

Promotional ideas for blog posts


  • Compare your product with other products?
  • Talk about the history of your company.
  • Share updates of your company.
  • Share updates relating to the products.
  • Write about the future of your business?
  • Make recommendations regarding the use of your products?

Lifestyle ideas for blog posts

  • What do you keep in your purse? Tell the world about it.
  • What books do you keep on your shelf?
  • Write about your hobbies?
  • What about your fitness routine?
  • Hint your workspace or office
  • Tell me about your bedtime routine?
  • Tell me about your favorite podcasts?

Emotional ideas for blog posts


  • Motivating stories
  • Lesson learned blog posts
  • Open letter

Science and data ideas for blog posts

  • Write about a claim and support it through scientific research
  • Analyze and assess the company’s processes and report.
  • Informed readers about the top stats of your niche.


Still, you can’t say that this list is complete as various ideas include in it. I would love it if you also take part in this activity. Share your creative ideas in my comment section. I assure you to include them to make a huge list of blog post ideas. I’ll be happy to know about your thoughts on this list.


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