7 Opt-in List Building Tactics Secrets You Wish You Knew

How would you like to be spoon fed several building a list tactics that will modify the way you build your opt-in list?

Fascinated? Hungry? Tuck in your bib, because your opt-in list building is about to change.

But before we proceed with these surefire tactics, which will change your opt-in list building results, let’s take a look at the ‘why’ behind building a list. Knowing the backstory will assist you to understand the importance of building a list as part of your marketing strategy.

Is Opt-in List Building Worth the Hype?

This is a critical question you have to ask yourself before taking that bold step of tinkering with your current building a list strategy.

The key reason why a lot of marketers continue with building a list is because it brings results. You may spend as little as a dollar and get up to 40x return. That’s insane!

Also, what a lot of people do not know is that a whopping 90% of those in the B2B sector deploy e-mail marketing to sway buying decisions.

For many, e-mail marketing remains an integral part of their marketing strategy. It has the capacity to harness customers once properly mixed with other marketing options like social media, influencer marketing, web tracking, etc.

This explains why marketers in the digital space need to recognize different ways of growing their list swiftly and also effectively.

Sadly, building an e-mail list can be extremely challenging. For a few it can even feel tortuous. However, even with the large learning curve it’s really a worthwhile investment of your time.

An unusual problem

Building your opt-in list organically through best practices can help to flourish your small business. There is hope for both marketers and also business owners alike. You’ll see results.

The problem with sticking to your existing opt-in list building method is that you get to a certain threshold and hit a wall. Your building a list all of a sudden is stunted regardless of how much progress it made initially to your business. Potential new customers just can not be added anymore.

It’s at this point that multiple opt-in list building tactics have to be incorporated into your technique. You should mix it up a little to trigger the upward swing again.

These list building tactics assist e-mail marketers, as well as others who depend on e-mail marketing, to rejig the unending loop they are trapped in. It’s time to do things a little differently to attract more leads and also convert them into lifelong clients.

It’s precisely for that reason that we put together this list building kit for you personally. It’s packed with all you need to know to become a list building expert.

Impact of Online Subscription Forms on Building Subscriber List

This learning journey looks at a number of subscription forms that can help you with building your list. The main focus is on pop-ups highlighting the different types. Just take a look at some of the pop ups we’ve on our web site.

How does this work?

It includes a collection of several different types:

The red carpet (definitely not red)
Exit-intent (which could be the real winner)
Shoot while the target is locked on
Slow and also steady
Keep the hooks out
A hard-to-decline gift
The perfect audience

1. The red carpet

Often deployed by bloggers and other digital nomads.

Rolling out the red carpet is applying large pop-ups that interrupt the visitor’s actions on your web site.

Typically, a visitor comes to your website and after a couple of seconds of navigating around are presented with a full screen pop-up.

Some sites have set it up so that it requires a specific action before the pop-up is removed. A visitor can either cancel it by clicking the ‘X’ at the top right corner of the pop-up or just move the cursor away from the pop-up.


  • It’s quite efficient
  • Difficult to ignore
  • Tends to have a high conversion rate


Many have argued it’s an intrusive link building tactic. It’s believed that it affects a visitor’s action in the long run.

Aye or nay?

Based on the business, the red carpet can quite helpful. Various sources have written about it’s impact viewing it as an effective backlink building tactic as conversion rates get a boost regardless of the intrusion factor.

2. Exit-intent (which could be the real winner)

Exit-intent pop-ups appear to have a higher hit rate than others, however they’re often only used in niches where the attention span is incredibly low.

So, what’s an exit-intent pop-up?

This is a specific type of pop-up that is capable of capturing website visitors with little to no patience. They operate in the same manner as the red carpet, but tend to work better with visitors that are impatient and ready to leave your website.

Sadly, the red carpet pop-up does not work particularly well at increasing the number of visitors even though you may try several marketing offers. It’s also difficult if you’re on a tight budget.

In situations like this, an exit-intent pop-up is a more viable option that can be utilized by marketers to draw in potential clients. It’s the better option.

The catch with mail list building is that the tactics can be adapted to any effective marketing strategy and not necessarily just those plucked from an e-mail marketing handbook.

If you want your business to ensure success, then you need to let potential clients understand how you can help them. Put your services and products in front of them and be available on all the popular social media platforms.

Visitors would not naturally just flock to your site. You need to do the upfront work to get them there. Make yourself visible. Businesses, with a strong online presence, got to that level by effectively tapping into numerous marketing techniques and actively engaging with potential clients on social media.

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