What makes me like Sqribble?

There are a few features I like about this software, and these summarized into the following:

Predesigned format

Because of the lots of predesigned formats you can choose from for your e-book, it becomes easier to get a beautiful and attractive e-book. You have to begin with nothing. There are also color schemes you can choose from, which gives much flexibility & customization.

Savings Prompts

The tools do not automatically save the file after editing, but it continually provides a saving promptly. Every about 5 minutes, the prompts pop-up. This prompt is a good reminder for some users who don’t save work now and then.

Client Management

Managing and working with many customers become simple because Sqribble provides a breeze in managing the customer in a specific dash board area. Thus, you can have multiple customers, and you can assign various designs for e-books that would fit them. You can also capture vital information & notes for your customer. One of the useful features of the client Management system is the ability to give the customers the chance to provide comments on the e-book that you’ve produced. You can see the comments in the design panel, and you man make changes quickly based on the given feedback. The commenting section gives ample time for you and for the client to eliminate lengthy e-mails and long phone calls. Thus, communication about the e-book that you’re producing becomes simple.

Google Fonts

The Google fonts available provides excellent options for users. There are about hundreds of fonts, and surely, you’d find something you like that would fit the design that you’re trying to create. You can also match the font to the brand that you’re establishing.

Pre-set colors

Growing your industry with the help of a decent e-book is now simple. You do not have to undergo much work anymore. There are more than twenty color palettes which you can apply in your design easily. The only problem is that I have not figured out yet how to make a custom color pallet & save it for future use.

Customization option

The customization option is easy, and it’s available in the Sqribble tool. This option is helpful to people who do not want to learn nor use other expensive tool for publishing. In just a little bit of practice, you can use the tool to create an excellent e-book that is highly customized based on your brand.

Customer Service

Fourteen days after purchasing the Sqribble, I interacted with the customer service because I have some queries. I was surprised because, in both instances, my queries were instantly resolved. The client service was excellent, both are professional in dealing with the customers. My first interaction was about the promotion code that was advertised on the sales page. I can’t use it in applying the discount, so I e-mailed the support, and I received a new discount. For the second interaction, my issue was about the actual use of the tool. The issue I’d was about the design interface making my e-book impossible to customize. Then, I got a response, and the support identified the issue I was having. Sadly, the conflict comes from the plugin, which is incompatible with the system I was running, but I’m glad that I got clarity.

30-day Moneyback

The moneyback guarantee is necessary. Sqribble offers a reasonable moneyback guarantee, that is a good sign of positivity about the tool. There would be a 30-day money back guarantee if the software didn’t work well on you.

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